Proper Storage And Maintenance Of Electronics And Media

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Sometimes you need to put your best technology in storage. You may have a lot of hard drives, optical disks (CDs, DVDs or even Blu-ray discs) that are full of information, but no room to keep the old memories at your home or business. Unfortunately, putting the technology in storage is a quick way to discover how temporary information can be, even in the digital age. To understand the risks, the misconceptions and what you can do to protect your information, keep a few inspection and maintenance concepts in mind. Floppy Disks And DVDs...

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Protect Your Investment And Building Materials With Proper Storage

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There is no point to hang on to building materials and supplies, such as lumber, metal, and solvents, if you can’t find a place to store them. Leaving these items outside in the elements can quickly deteriorate and damage the materials, rendering many of them useless. A great way to protect your investment and keep building materials clean, dry, and safe is by moving them to a self-storage facility. Consider the following recommendations for storing your building materials: Lumber and wood Store planks above your head in self-storage...

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A Storage Unit Can Be Helpful When You Are Struggling Financially

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Just about everyone falls on financial hardship at some point in their life. Loss of a spouse, a job, or simply an accident can cause you to go into financial hardship and require you to figure out a new way to be able to stay afloat until your luck turns around. One great way to help supplement some of your income is to turn your home into a rental property. All you will need to do is store your belongings in a storage unit and rent a small apartment or stay with friends or family until you are able to get back on your feet. The following...

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Vinyl Records: 5 Things To Keep In Mind When Storing

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In 2014, vinyl record sales increased 52 percent from the previous year. Whether you just starting collecting or you’ve been collecting for years, you need to know how to properly store your collection so that they’ll play wonderfully for years to come. Here are five things to remember: 1. Keep Your Records in Their Packaging. Dirt and dust can easily accumulate on vinyl records and work its way into the grooves. This can have a huge impact on the quality of sound. Therefore, you need to keep the original packaging that you bought...

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Four Tips For Choosing A Storage Unit For Your Direct Sales Business

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A successful direct sales business can quickly take over your home. Whether you’re selling physical products, like kitchen equipment or health supplements, or a service, such as legal memberships, you will have a lot of business-related materials that you will need to keep on hand. This is where a self storage facility can give you your home back, while still affording you the low overhead of having your own home business. These tips can help you pick the best facility for your home sales business. #1: Decide on the Unit Type Not all...

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The Benefits That Come From Hiring A Professional Garage Builders

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Sure, you could attempt to build your garage on your own. However, that might not work out the best for you. Take a moment to review the following benefits that would come from hiring a professional garage builder so you will end up with the best results. They Get Town Approval When you are building something on your property, such as a garage, it is important to get the plans approved by the local town authorities. You need to do this before you can think about taking any other steps. Your professional garage builder will draw up the plans...

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8 Tips For Storing Vinyl Records

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Even though most people rely on their MP3s to listen to their favorite artists, there are many who still listen to vinyl records. The records require a great deal of care to maintain their integrity. In the event that you have to place your records in storage, it is important that you prepare them ahead of time. Remove the shrink wrap. The shrink wrap on unopened albums can start to shrink even further if your albums are stored in a unit with high humidity. As a result, the album inside can start to warp, which renders it useless. Clean the...

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Unlocking The Truth Behind Common Myths Concerning Storage Services

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It is no secret that if you are looking for a way to declutter your life without get of rid of things you really want to keep, storage in a facility away from the home is an incredible solution. Even as valuable as storage units are, people tend to continue stuffing their closets, overfilling their garage, and using every available space to store items. The tendency to avoid putting things in storage often comes from common misconceptions about storage that circulate amongst the general public. The easiest way to see the truth about the value...

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Four Creative Ways To Use A Storage Unit

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Most people only rent a storage unit when they need to store belongings or to store a vehicle during the winter. However, when you consider some of the features most storage units have, such as a climate-controlled environment and 24-hour unit access, it isn’t difficult to come with some creative ways to use the space. Office Space While you can’t live in a storage unit, you can work in one, and many people are doing just that. In fact, some facilities have units specifically for commercial use. Using a storage unit as an office...

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