Four Reasons Storage Options Might Be A Lifesaver If You Work From Home

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If you do more than live in your home, this can turn into cramped quarters rather quickly. Whether you work from home or run a full-blown business out of your living room, incorporating a self storage option to help with your overall space might be a lifesaver. Here are four reasons renting a storage unit might make your home office more bearable. 1. Storing Important Items If you have kids or pets, keeping all of your work-related items safe and free from damage might be harder than you think. Expensive things such as items you’re selling can be kept away from danger and locked safely in a storage unit nearby. If you also keep personnel and financial documents, you might want to opt to have these secured at all times in a storage unit. 2. Staging Area for Mailing Depending on the type of work you do from home, you might be mailing out items and packages on a regular basis. On top of storing inventory in a storage unit, you can rent out a space that is large enough to hold a small table and staging area for mailings. You can get packages ready right in your storage space before heading to the post office. 3. Easy Accessibility Not all storage facilities are in far-off, hard to find neighborhoods full of warehouses. It might be worth a few extra bucks to find self storage services near your home that you can use as a work annex for business-related items. Finding a facility that is open round-the-clock and has security features will keep you and your supplies safe without adding a long commute to your storage unit. 4. Get Your Home Back If you have a growing business, this might be rapidly taking over space in your home. It might be time to get back to having dinner in the dining room or letting your spouse use the shared home office. Even if you have a separate room for your business, your work areas will be cleared of clutter and you can actually do business there, not just hold inventory. This can make growing your business more successful if you have a presentable space where you can have a clear head. With more people working from home and running their own businesses, it can be hard to decide when this type of endeavor should be taken to the next level. Renting out a storage unit can be a great way to start separating your home from your business. Keep your business-related items safe yet accessible at the same time in a nearby storage...

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Boats 101: 4 Cold-Weather Boat-Storage Tips

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A boat offers endless hours of water entertainment during the summer months. However, during the winter months your boat probably doesn’t get used much—if at all. While you certainly could just leave your boat in your driveway or garage, it’s often better to take it to a boat storage facility. But before you do that, you must make sure your boat is ready to be stored. So how should you prepare your boat for winter storage? Here are four tips 1. Fill Up the Tank It is a good idea to fill up your fuel tank before winter hits. Having a full tank might not sound important, but it can actually help reduce engine trouble. Just make sure you add a gas stabilizer to the tank as well. This combination will help reduce condensation and water from pooling in your gas tank, which will make your boat run a lot more smoothly in the spring. Just make sure you run the engine with the stabilizer and gas combination before putting it into storage, as this will help ensure that the mixture reaches the fuel lines. 2. Add Antifreeze You should also take some time to flush out your coolant system and make sure you top it off with antifreeze. This might be a simple step, but it will also help keep your engine shipshape. If you don’t know how to do this, do not attempt to do it yourself. Take your boat to a mechanic and have them do it for you. 3. Remove the Battery Another helpful tip is to remove the battery before storing your boat. Since batteries are electronic, they can become damaged during the winter. The cold temperatures can cause the battery to fail. So it is always a good idea to remove it before storing your boat. If you have any other electronics on board, such as a GPS system, you might want to consider removing them as well for the same reason. 4. Deep Clean Finally, make sure you give your boat a good cleaning. Dirt, grime, and salt water can all take their toll on your boat. So it is a good idea to clean it thoroughly before storage. Clean the outside with soap and water, but don’t forget the interior. In addition, make sure any fabric or carpeting is dry. You don’t want to wind up with mold or mildew. Storing your boat at a facility such as Riverside Marina during the winter months is a good way to keep it safe and in good condition. However, you still must prepare your boat before storing. These four tips are a good place to...

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Tips For Storing Kitchen Items

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Packing your kitchen away into a storage unit, whether for a short time while waiting for your home to be ready or for longer term storage such as for a move overseas, may seem simple and straightforward. The fact is, you will need to take some special steps to ensure that all of your kitchen items survive storage and remain in great condition. The following tips can help. Tip #1: Consider climate control If you are storing anything other than metal cooking implements, climate control is a necessity. Electronic and mechanical kitchen gadgets, such as breadmakers and mixers, can suffer damage from extreme temperatures. Heat can also warp and ruin plastic items, such as storage containers. Humidity is also a concern, since it can lead to mold, mildew or rot. By opting for a temperature and humidity controlled unit, you are avoiding all of these concerns. Tip #2: Clean everything Even the slightest bit of food residue can provide an invitation for ravenous pests, like insects and rodents. Run everything through the dishwasher that you can, and wipe down everything else with a weak bleach solution to sanitize it. For mechanical tools, like your mixer, also take the extra step of lubricating everything after cleaning so it won’t rust or seize up during storage. Wood cutting boards also need to be oiled before storage, as does cast iron. Tip #3: Use plastic tubs Certain items should be stored in sealed plastic tubs. Items that require a food grade oil to coat them, such as the aforementioned cast iron and wood cutting boards, can attract pests looking to feed on the oil. To prevent this, store these items in plastic tubs with tight-fitting lids. You can use this method to store any kitchen items that you are afraid could attract pests. Tip #4: Stack carefully Items like glass bowls or plates stack easily into each other, but they can become stuck. This leads to breaking as you try to pry them apart. Use undyed tissue paper sheets between items to prevent this from happening. Skip newspaper, since the dye could transfer onto your glass items and it may not come off easily. Tip #5: Store like items together This means simply keeping all the utensils in one box, all the pans in another, or all the attachments stored with the mixer. This makes it much easier to find things if you only need to retrieve an item or two from storage. Label all off your boxes and place the heaviest items on the bottom, as well. Contact a local self storage company for more...

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3 Items When A Climate Controlled Storage Unit Is Essential

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Storage units are a great way to be able to store your belongings and free up space around your home. They also work great for people who are relocating to another area and need a place to store their belongings in the meantime. While many things can withstand the elements of the outside temperatures, some items need to be stored in a climate controlled unit to protect them and prevent them from being destroyed. Just check out three examples of items that should go into a climate controlled storage unit. Electronics. Any type of electronic item shouldn’t be stored in a typical storage unit during the cool winter months. Things like televisions, stereo systems, DVD players, VCRs and the like can all end up getting destroyed from the harsh weather conditions. Not only can the bitter cold end up cracking the screen and ruining internal components in your items, but the humidity during the summer can wreak havoc on your items as well. It is because of this that it is so important to have your items in a climate controlled environment to make sure they are safe at all times. Precious collectibles. If you have a collection, you don’t want to throw it into any old storage unit. Something like a stamp collection, coin collection or even a toy collection all in sealed boxes should be put into a climate controlled unit to protect the items. The extreme humidity can end up warping boxes and discoloring items from all the moisture and dampness. When you have a precious collection, you want to give it the best environment possible. With a climate controlled unit, the temperature remains consistent and the moisture is kept to a minimum, thus preserving your items. Glassware. Glassware can only take so much cold before it is going to end up cracking and breaking. The extremely cold winter temperatures can end up destroying your precious china in no time. You want to make sure your glassware is wrapped securely when packaged and kept in a unit where it doesn’t get too cold. This will make sure it stays intact and prevents it from getting destroyed along the way. Glass isn’t meant to withstand the harsh elements of the outside. By storing the items above in a climate controlled unit, you can make sure that your items don’t get destroyed and are able to maintain their integrity. Check out businesses like Pearl Street Self Storage for more...

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Golf Cart Storage Tips

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Whether you use it to tool around the neighborhood or on your property, or if you actually take it out onto the course, your golf cart is really only fair weather transportation. Come winter you will need to find a place to store it that is protected from the elements. If your garage is feeling a little cramped, then a storage unit may be your best option. The following tips will help you store the golf cart properly. Tip #1: Make Sure It’s Off When parking the cart, make sure that the cart isn’t just turned off, but that it is also in the tow position. This ensures the vehicle won’t roll or move during storage. Remove the key and take it with you. You don’t want to leave it with the cart since this could increase the chance of theft if a break-in were to occur. Tip #2: Tend To The Battery Start by fully charging the battery before you place the cart in storage. Once it’s stored, you have a few options for preventing it from going dead. First, check that the battery connections are tight and clean. Next, visit the cart monthly to recharge the battery so it doesn’t go completely dead. The second option is only if you have power access in your storage unit, you may be able to simply leave the regular charger plugged in. Check your cart’s manual to make sure that it has the capability to regulate the charge from and shut off the charger whenever the battery is topped up. Most newer models are suitable for this method. Note: Gasoline powered carts can have their battery hooked up to a trickle charger to maintain the charge, or you can start and run the cart for about 10 minutes every month to fully recharge the battery. Tip #3: Top Up The Tires (And Everything Else) Make sure your tires are inflated to the recommended PSI, which should be printed on the sidewalls of the tires. Slightly deflated tires can develop flat spots from where the weight of the cart presses them into the ground. While you are at, check all other fluids under the hood and make sure they are properly topped off. An oil change is also a good idea if you have a gas powered engine. Tip #4: Protect The Interior Finally, make sure the cart’s interior is safe during storage. Clean it out and wipe down the upholstery to remove residue from sweat, food, and spilled drinks, which could otherwise attract pests. Wash the exterior of the cart and repaint over any scratches or dings. This is especially important if the scratch is on a metal panel, since you don’t want it to rust. Place a golf cart cover over the cart. These covers are breathable, so moisture won’t build up, but they will keep dust off of the interior. For more information, consider contacting companies like Northwest Self...

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Find Yourself In One Of These Situations? Self-Storage Can Be Helpful

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You often don’t have to drive too far to notice at least one self-storage facility in your city. These businesses are prevalent in many areas, and for good reason — virtually everyone can benefit from storing some of their possessions outside of the home. One of the chief advantages of self-storage is that you can rent a unit anywhere from on an indefinite basis to for just a couple weeks if you have a temporary need for extra storage space. Regardless of the length of time you might use the facility, here are three situations in which you can consider renting a unit. Handling A Loved One’s Estate If you’re in charge with dealing with the estate of a loved one after his or her passing, there’s often a rush to get the person’s house prepared to sell. Given that it can be overwhelming to make decisions about all the person’s furniture and other possessions during a time that’s already stressful, it’s ideal to transport as much as you need to a nearby self-storage facility. When things are a little calmer, you and other people close to the person who has passed can visit the facility and begin the process of sorting through its contents and deciding what to do with each item. Temporary House Guest If you’ve made arrangements to provide accommodations for a friend or family member for a short amount of time — perhaps if the person is going through a relationship breakup — the person will likely arrive at your home with some basic possessions. To make this transition easier and less cluttered, it’s advantageous to move some of your items into a storage facility — particularly the surplus items in the room that the person will be using while staying with you. This allows the person to be surrounded by more of his or her own things, which can be comforting during this difficult time. Hiring An Interior Decorator When you hire an interior decorator, he or she will likely make recommendations about getting rid of some of your household things that aren’t in alignment with the new look you’re creating. Instead of cluttering your garage by filling it with all these items, transport everything you don’t need to a nearby storage facility. Then, you’ll be able to visit at your convenience to assess which items you want to keep for future usage and which things you want to sell, donate or throw out. Contact a local storage center, like All American Mini Storage, for more...

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How To Organize Your House

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As you were setting out this year’s Christmas decorations, did you have to make room in closets and shelves for the home decor that is usually displayed in your home? While you did that task, did you come to the realization that your closets and shelves are in a state of disarray? If so, right after you put away your holiday decorations would be the perfect time to get your house organized. Here are some ideas that might help your organization project go smoothly. Have A Family Meeting – Let everybody in your household know that right after the holidays are over you will all be organizing your house together. It may be helpful to put up a chart on a poster board or chalk board where you match jobs to individuals. If you think your kids will work better with a partner, designate who those partners will be. A good plan is to pair an older person with one of the little kids. Removing Christmas Things  – As you remove Christmas decor from the different rooms of your home, put them right into sturdy transparent storage boxes. Buy boxes with red lids on them so they’ll be easy to identify next year. Now that all of the Christmas items are put away, this will be a good time to dust and polish your wooden furniture pieces.  Personal Belongings – Establish centers where each member of the family can put personal items that will go to charity or that will later be sold at a yard sale. It will also be very helpful to give everybody a plastic bag for trash. Establish the old rule that there is a place for everything and everything should be in its place. For example, if your son has a collection of toy cars, those should be kept in a special storage container so they won’t get lost or damaged, and to provide a more orderly look to his room. Rent Storage Space – As you are organizing your house, you may come to the realzation that you simply don’t have enough space to hold all of your stuff. If that’s the case, a really good idea would be to rent a storage space where you can access your belongings any time you want to. Off-season sports equipment, camping gear, fishing poles and all of your holiday decorations are just examples of things that you can store. When the time comes to go camping, or when you need your Easter decorations, it will be easy to get them out. Self storage like All American Self Storage is affordable and very safe. Not only are the individual units climate-controlled, but there is constant surveillance on the property. Set one day of the month for each of you to evaluate what needs to be done to maintain an orderly...

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3 Cold Weather Cocktails to Get You Through Winter

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The cold weather is coming and, for some, it’s already here. There’s nothing like a warm drink to warm you up from the inside out, especially after a long day at work, a day of holiday shopping or even after a day of playing in the snow. That warm drink will help warm you up, and so will just a little bit of alcohol added to it. See below for some cold weather cocktail recipes to try this winter. 1. Spiced Coffee This is a good drink for days when your plain old coffee just won’t do. Whipped Cream Ingredients: 1/2 cup heavy cream 1 1/2 teaspoons sugar 1 teaspoon pumpkin spice Coffee Ingredients: 1 1/2 cups freshly brewed coffee 1 tablespoon sugar 4 tablespoons whiskey Directions: Whipped Cream:  ​Whip all ingredients together to form stiff peaks. Spiced Coffee:  ​Divide the ingredients between two glasses. Add the whipped cream to the top of each glass. Sprinkle with pumpkin spice (optional). 2. Spiked Hot Chocolate This is hot chocolate all grown up.  Ingredients: 1/2 cup chocolate chips (you can also use white chocolate) 2 1/2 cups milk 1/4 cup pumpkin puree 1/4 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice 1/2 ounce bourbon whipped cream (for the topping – optional) Directions: Melt the chocolate chips in a saucepan on the stove over low-medium heat. Add 1/2 cup of milk to the melted chocolate. After the chips are all melted, add the rest of the milk, the pumpkin puree and the pumpkin spice and stir continuously until well blended. Pour a small amount of the mixture into two glasses, then add the bourbon to each glass (divided evenly).  Add the rest of the mixture to each glass and top with your whipped cream. You can also add more pumpkin spice atop the whipped cream. 3. Orange Spiced Tea For the tea drinkers, this is definitely not your usual sleepy time tea. Enjoy a glass while curled up with a good book or with good company. Ingredients: 1 orange spice tea bag 8 ounces apple cider 2 ounces rum Cinnamon stick Directions: Heat the apple cider in a saucepan over medium heat. Add your tea bag for five minutes. Then add the rum to the mixture stirring to blend thoroughly. Pour into a glass and enjoy. You can add a cinnamon stick for garnish and for extra flavor. These drinks will help keep you warm on those cold winter nights. Make them for yourself, or invite over a few friends to share your cocktails. If you’re in need of the right alcohol, consider visiting a store that specializes in liquor, such as Universal Discount Package Store. Always be sure to drink...

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6 Strategies For Moving Stuff Into Storage During Rainy Or Snowy Weather

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Everyone wishes for a beautiful sunny day with moderate temperatures and no wind when they’re moving belongings into a self-storage unit. Unfortunately, the weather isn’t always cooperative. If you have to do this project on a day when it’s raining or snowing, use some helpful strategies to keep everything safe. Unpack Wet Cardboard Boxes in One Area of the Unit If you’ve sealed the boxes with packaging tape or duct tape, rainwater shouldn’t get inside on your short trips between the buildings and the vehicle. If the boxes are wet when you arrive, however, you’ll need to unpack your belongings in the unit and get rid of that wet cardboard. Otherwise, things could begin to develop mildew. Wrap Smaller Unpacked Items in Plastic Bags A set of big plastic trash bags or leaf bags helps protect belongings you weren’t planning to pack in containers. Some examples might include clothing on hangers, smaller pieces of furniture and framed artwork. As with the cardboard, you’ll need to take these possessions out of the wet bags when you arrive.  Cover Larger Furniture  Wood furniture can be protected from rain and snow with large pieces of fabric, such as blankets or sheets, or with plastic slipcovers. Rolls of cheap plastic sheeting also are available at various stores; you can easily cut it to make more than one furniture cover. If anything does get wet, dry it thoroughly with a towel or rag when you arrive.  It’s best to protect fabric furniture with plastic to keep it totally dry, since you don’t want to take a chance on storing it while it’s damp.  Wear Shoes With Tread If it’s a warm, rainy day, you might be tempted to wear sandals or flip-flops. However, it’s best to put on a pair of sturdy athletic shoes that don’t have worn tread. Wet pavement and grass can be slippery, and you don’t want to fall while you’re carrying something fragile or heavy. Fragile items might break, and you might injure yourself if you fall while carrying a heavy object. Ask a Friend to Help If at least two people work on this project, one of you can carry items from the vehicle and hand them to the other person who stays dry inside the storage unit. At least that way, nobody will repeatedly track in rainwater or snow. Change into a different pair of shoes when it’s time to go in and start arranging everything.  Bring a Shovel if Necessary If snow is going to accumulate by the time you reach the storage unit, bring a snow shovel to clear a path and to keep it clear.  For more information about self storage units, contact a company like Tysons Self...

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Proper Storage And Maintenance Of Electronics And Media

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Sometimes you need to put your best technology in storage. You may have a lot of hard drives, optical disks (CDs, DVDs or even Blu-ray discs) that are full of information, but no room to keep the old memories at your home or business. Unfortunately, putting the technology in storage is a quick way to discover how temporary information can be, even in the digital age. To understand the risks, the misconceptions and what you can do to protect your information, keep a few inspection and maintenance concepts in mind. Floppy Disks And DVDs Won’t Last Forever This may come as a surprise to many people, as the era for floppy disks wasn’t that long ago. Floppy disks were touted as long-lasting storage media, and even though their storage potential is far smaller than the bigger hard drives, flash drives and Blu-ray discs that followed, your old memories should be safe. The research is still being done, but the shelf-life of floppy disks and other magnetic media is estimated to be between 10 to 20 years. A somewhat deceptive issue behind these numbers is that it assumes professional storage practices in place to protect your disks. If you’ve been putting floppy disks in a box or in the same holding tray used in the 1990’s, the magnetic tape inside the disk may already be rotting away due to binder hydrolysis or Sticky-shed syndrome. When floppy disks were just becoming replaced by compact discs (CDs), a good piece of advice would be to place a dehumidifier in a storage room and keep the floppy disks in an airtight box. If you have important information on your floppy disks, do not touch them. A digital media preservation professional can temporarily bring the disks back to a usable state in a process called baking, then transfer your information to a newer storage. After that, place your new storage in a dry, clean storage facility. CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray disks may have better storage potential, but they are just as susceptible to decomposition and should be upgraded to the newest storage type. Storage Room Preparation And Container Choices Dehumidifiers were discussed for storage room use in the previous section. This is because many areas may be subject to humidity, which can speed up the decomposition process significantly. Plastics can begin to break down, magnetic particles can separate through the previously mentioned hydrolysis effect and electronic components can be packed with water, which can lead to electric sparks and damage when powered on. A dehumidifier removes water from the air, but must be rated for the room in use. Dehumidifiers have a rating that explains the room dimensions (size) to determine if your dehumidifier is strong enough for the storage room of choice. Contact the manufacturer to discuss the specifics of your storage area and to get a detailed guide of other humidity threats. Air filters are necessary as well, since every entry can bring dust and debris. Depending on the public storage design, there may be carpeting or other dust or lint-releasing materials that can create a slow dust problem. You should also invest in airtight containers. Once the storage room is clean and conditioned, place your electronics and storage media inside airtight containers to add an additional layer of climate control. Contact a public storage...

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