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Learning About Storage Unit Options

Hey there, I'm Miranda Styles. I am excited to share my knowledge about storage facility options. The storage facilities in my areas offer outdoor and indoor units to their clients. The outdoor units often feature cages up top to keep pests or intruders from coming through. All of the belongings placed in outdoor facilities are protected from the elements by a solid roof and tightly closed doors. For items that need a bit more protection, there are many indoor units available and most of them are climate controlled. You can set the temperature and humidity levels for the duration of the rental period. I will discuss the different types of items that benefit from each storage unit option. Thank you.


Four Tips For Choosing A Storage Unit For Your Direct Sales Business

A successful direct sales business can quickly take over your home. Whether you're selling physical products, like kitchen equipment or health supplements, or a service, such as legal memberships, you will have a lot of business-related materials that you will need to keep on hand. This is where a self storage facility can give you your home back, while still affording you the low overhead of having your own home business. These tips can help you pick the best facility for your home sales business.

#1: Decide on the Unit Type

Not all storage facilities are created equal. First, you need to decide whether you want an interior unit or a drive-up unit. If your product is heavy or unwieldy, a drive-up unit will shorten the distance that you must carry items. On the other hand, you may prefer a unit inside a building if you are storing highly valuable items, such as you would for a jewelry sales business.

#2: Check Out the Security Features

Speaking of security, make sure you are comfortable with the level of security provided by the facility. Any storage facility you choose should have controlled access gates at the bare minimum. Onsite security, either via surveillance cameras or life security professionals, is another perk to look for. It will be up to you to choose a lock for your unit. Although some facilities may have built-in keypad locks, you may still want to provide an additional lock of your own, if this is possible.

#3: Know the Climate

Climate controlled units are a must for some direct sales businesses. For example, if your product is perishable or sensitive to temperature in any way, such as food or supplement items, climate control is a must to control both temperatures and humidity. In humid climates you may also want to opt for a climate-controlled unit so important paperwork and sales materials aren't damaged by moisture. You can further alleviate moisture concerns by using shelves or pallets in your unit to keep items elevated off the floor.

#4: Look Into the Amenities

Some units cater specifically to small home business owners. These facilities may offer units that double as office space, so you don't always have to work from home. If you are interested in this option, look for a climate-controlled facility that has onsite Wi-Fi internet access and electrical access in their units. With the addition of a small desk and a laptop, you can take advantage of a quiet workspace away from the responsibilities of home.