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Learning About Storage Unit Options

Hey there, I'm Miranda Styles. I am excited to share my knowledge about storage facility options. The storage facilities in my areas offer outdoor and indoor units to their clients. The outdoor units often feature cages up top to keep pests or intruders from coming through. All of the belongings placed in outdoor facilities are protected from the elements by a solid roof and tightly closed doors. For items that need a bit more protection, there are many indoor units available and most of them are climate controlled. You can set the temperature and humidity levels for the duration of the rental period. I will discuss the different types of items that benefit from each storage unit option. Thank you.


Getting The Fullest Use Of Pallet Racks In Your Warehouse Organization

When you are hired to manage a busy warehouse, one of your first priorities might revolve around making it a safer and more convenient place in which to work. You want to minimize the number of on-the-job accidents and also safeguard the value and integrity of the inventory that comes in and out of it each day.

However, you might wonder what resources you can use to accomplish these important goals. You may find it best to use pallet racks that are designed for being used in busy warehouses like yours.

Minimizing Accidents

When the warehouse that you manage has a high number of on-the-job accidents, you may be able to use pallet racks to minimize or eliminate them. The pallet racks in your warehouse can be used to keep inventory stacked up and out of the way of workers. They can clear the main areas of the warehouse so your workers can walk or drive vehicles like forklifts safely without crashing into stacks of inventory.

You can use the pallet racks to keep inventory stacked up and stored along the walls, away from fire exits and out of the way of doors where workers come and go each day. They can make your warehouse safer and prevent your workers from getting into accidents or not being able to exit the warehouse in case of a fire or other emergency.

Improving Traffic Flow

Further, when you use pallet racks in your warehouse, you may be able to improve the flow of traffic in it. You need your workers to be able to load and unload inventory safely and effectively from the trucks in your loading bay. When they have pallet racks on which to load and unload inventory, they can avoid placing it on the floors and in the main walkways of the warehouse. They can stack pallet jacks and move them with vehicles like forklifts or hydraulic jacks to move the pallet racks after they are loaded.

Keeping Out Pests

Finally, pallet racks can deter pests from getting into inventory. They keep boxes of food off the floor where pests like rats and ants can get chew their way through and ruin the inventory contained inside of them. 

Pallet racks serve important purposes in your warehouse. They can minimize or eliminate on-the-job accidents. They can also improve the flow of traffic in the warehouse and keep pests out of boxes of inventory. To learn more information about pallet racks, reach out to a company such as All Storage Products.